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Wild West Domains OTC API Broken...

I can not seem to find any answers and i'm hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. I am in the middle of development of my site and I am utilizing the domain name reseller account API to make soap calls. Everything has been working fine up until recently. Now when I hit the OrderDomain endpoint or the CreateShopper endpoint, I get all kinds of strange errors. Some are timouts and others are Database errors coming from wild west domains.


I am working with the OTC account, not the production account.


I am concerned about using this for production because of this.


Is anyone else experiencing this? or is this just me?


Hey @ChrisBardsley


Glad to have you join us on the Community! Smiley Happy


Since this is concerning issues with a Reseller API plan, you may want to reach out to our specialty support team who can help better evaluate the issue you're encountering. You can email them directly at When you do, be sure to include a screenshot of the error message your encountering as that will help with their investigation. 


Let us know what they find. 

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