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How do I set up my e-mail address through GoDaddy so I can use Gmail as my platform?



I have purchased a .com website name through GoDaddy, and want to set up an e-mail address with it, but do not want to use Office365 (as my other jobs use it and can not have more than one open at a time) and want to use Gmail for my e-mail.


Can someone guide me as how to set it up so I can use Gmail as my platform? I know how to use the e-mail address there, but need to know how to set the address I want up here.




I reccomend making a fowarding email address that works like "" and redirects all the emails through that to your gmail i.e ""


If you go to emails theres usually a free fowarding pack you can set up with domains.




I have the same question. Except I now have the Godaddy's Office 365 email thing and I want to disconnect from it