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How Do I Change The Domain Of An SSL Certificate - Tutorial - User follow up.

Nickb writes, I recently purchased a SSL certificate, but I wanted to change the domain name to be certified, I think I may have accidently deleted it as I am not sure?


Oslinux writes,  After logging into your account you will need to go here  You should  see options for Domain and Status.



If you do not see either, then you may have deleted/Revoked your SSL Cert and will need to ether buy a new cert or contact support and see if they can undelete/add the SSL back to your account.


If you clicked on Revoke that will delete the SSL and remove it from your account, requiring you to purchase a new SSL or contact support and see if they can re-add the cert.


Never click the revoke link it will remove your cert and require you to buy a new cert if you want SSL Back.


If you have the cert on your account, you can change the domain.

First click on rekey and Manage 

now select the 2nd option "Change the site that your certificate protects" and enter the new Domain and click save.

This may take a few hours to complete. once done you can download and install your Cert to your server.

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