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    How to flush cache in VPS server

    We have been deploying two VPS servers from Godday, one web and one DB server over one year.  Recently, the DB server has cache overflow problem, the server accumulates cache and won't flush it on its own. We have to reboot server every two weeks in order to flush cache.  We try to call Godaddy for local support, no use at all.  Any suggestions to solve it?

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    Former Employee

    Hello @CST
    Dunno if this will help yet here it goes , You may try this articles I found : 
    ManagingLinux-Article  It's a good idea to set a cron job that automatically flush cache.
    If your DB is msSQL-Article

    Warm Regards,
    Joven -- 🙂

    Hello @3fk,


    Thanks for your info.  We try your way in MySQL-Article , but it doesn't work because Godaddy locks the Linux root rights.  Unless Goddady will release the root rights to us, we can't release the cache regularly.


    P.S. we called Godaddy a couple times, but no response on how to solve the problem, nor to grant us the root rights.


    Thanks again


    Former Employee

    Hello @CST ,

    That's odd if you don't have perms on the root since that's the sense of having vps , to have root access and all. You may confirm this by asking for Server Certified Support. best way to contact support I recommend is via chat. Go here : https://www.godaddy.com/community from there look for chat button on the top right. (available monday-friday eastern business hours)  If you click it, pick Hosting Support as their the only one who can validate before getting a Server Support.

    I hope this helps,

    Warm Regards,

    Joven -- 🙂

    I have faced the same issue, it seems that they have started unfair trade policy with their genuine customers.
    My slab cache consuming nearly 2gb memory and page cache consume 600mb of memory. I am trying to use drop_cache command with SSH but it shows permission denied. I don't know how how to solve this serious issue. My VPS RAM usage are exhausting day by day... Is there any body who can help this out

    We have been trying all the methods but it still doesn't work without a root permission is granted by Godaddy.  For now, we can only reboot servers everyday.  We are deploying new servers to AWS and we probably shall migrate these two servers to AWS as well after the contract ends.  Should you have a resolution on it, please let me know.  My email is charlsontsang@gmail.com.  Thx.  

    I feel you.