GoDaddy Conversations Help

Set up GoDaddy Conversations and connect with customers

Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer. Use the GoDaddy Conversations unified inbox to manage all your phone calls and emails, plus messages from your web forms, chatbots, Facebook business account and Instagram professional account.

Note: While Websites + Marketing plans include GoDaddy Conversations at no extra cost, you'll need a standalone Conversations subscription to get a business phone number.

Watch the video below to see what GoDaddy Conversations is all about. Then, when you’re ready to get started, follow the steps further down.

1: Activate chat

If you have a website, make sure your website's chatbot is enabled.

2: Get a business number

If you have a GoDaddy Conversations standalone subscription, claim your Business Calling & Texting number.

3: Connect social media

Connect GoDaddy Conversations to your Facebook business and Instagram professional accounts.

4: Link your email address

Link your Microsoft 365 email address to Conversations and get your email delivered to your Conversations inbox.

4: Read and reply to messages

Discover the different ways in which you can read customer messages and respond to them.

5: What's next?

Help customers find the right products and find out how to manage your messages.

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