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Export data with the WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Export extension

In the following links, you'll find information about exporting data manually, automatically, or creating custom formats.

Note: In order to follow the instructions below, make sure that the plugin is installed and activated by navigating at WooCommerce and under Extensions, select Activate.

Export data manually

To export data manually, you can use the WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Export plugin. This section provides more information on exporting data in bulk, from Orders, and from Users.

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Export data automatically

It is possible to automate the export of customer or order files on a regular basis by creating one or more automated exports. This section explains how to set up an automated export, create export schedules, and send exports via FTP, HTTP POST, Email, and locally.

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Export formats

Customers, orders, and coupons can be exported using one of the predefined formats, or multiple, custom export formats can be created for manual or automated exports. Using the predefined templates and instructions on how to create your own, custom format, this section shows examples of the CSV and XML formats.

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