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Get your business moving with a website, marketing and payments.

As low as

$9.99 /mo

With an annual term (16% savings)

You pay $119.88 today. Renews at $143.88.

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Take online appointments and boost your marketing.

As low as

$14.99 /mo

With an annual term (31% savings)

You pay $179.88 today. Renews at $263.88.

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Sell anywhere with an online store, marketplaces and point of sale.

As low as

$16.99 /mo

With an annual term (32% savings)

You pay $203.88 today. Renews at $299.88.

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Commerce Plus

Expand your selling while saving time with automated features.

As low as

$29.99 /mo

With an annual term (33% savings)

You pay $359.88 today. Renews at $539.88.

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Website builder
Custom domain connection
Website security (SSL)
Websites and marketing analytics dashboard
Website Chat + Unified Inbox
List products in an online store
Marketplace and social selling (Amazon, Etsy, Google, Instagram, Facebook)
50 orders/mo
1,000 orders/mo
Online auto inventory and product sync (across channels)
Discounted and promotional features (e.g., coupons, sales badges)
Gift cards
Discounted shipping
Real-time shipping rates
Automated sales tax calculation
Auto-populated tax forms
GoDaddy Smart Terminal
per device +$249 ($499)
per device +$249 ($499)
per device +$249 ($499)
per device +$249 ($499)
GoDaddy Card Reader with Charging Dock
per device +$49 ($99)
per device +$49 ($99)
per device +$49 ($99)
per device +$49 ($99)
Online Pay Links
Virtual Terminal
Online credit/debit card rates
2.3% + 30¢
2.3% + 30¢
2.3% + 30¢
2.3% + 30¢
In-person credit/debit card rates
2.3% + 0¢
2.3% + 0¢
2.3% + 0¢
2.3% + 0¢
Virtual Terminal rates
3.3% + 0¢
3.3% + 0¢
3.3% + 0¢
3.3% + 0¢
One-time appointments
Recurring classes and one-time events
Online payments & deposits
Email and text appointment reminders
Sales-tracking dashboard (across channels)
GoDaddy Payments Hub (online & POS transactions)
GoDaddy Studio
Content library & templates
Video creation
Create & manage business listings (Google My Business, Yelp)
Post to social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Schedule social posts
Email subscriber sign-up form
Email list segmentation
Email marketing sends/mo
Welcome email and appointment confirmation automations
Order email automations
Get found on Google with SEO
Launch Google paid search campaigns (Google Smart Campaign)
Boost social posts
Launch Facebook and Instagram ads
Business phone number
Shoppable social posts
Professional email
Free for 1-year
Free for 1-year
Free for 1-year
Free for 1-year
24/7 support

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GoDaddy the KING of website builders...

GoDaddy obviously is the 'go to' website builder. They make everything so easy to get set up and ready... I highly recommend them to anyone that's starting a business and that's needing a website... Thanks...

Rick Bowers

Worthy website builder

I’ve used plenty of website builders and always hated them, I now use Wordpress. When I started my detailing company I didn’t want to have to set another store up as there was a lot of moving pieces. I rate the website builder 9/10. Customer service is 10/10

Jeff Moss

Website builder and customer service is great!

Website builder is amazing and customer support is doing a great job in explaining products and services in godaddy

Chahat Sethi

Very happy to be working with GoDaddy

Very happy to be working with GoDaddy. Their website builder was very easy to use and I ended up with a final product to be proud of.

Cathy Eastman

Go Go Daddy!

I Love Go Daddy! I have been a satisfied Go Daddy customer for many years! The Website Builder is amazing and the perfect choice for growing your business. The ability to access and edit your website 24/7 and connect directly to social media is a huge plus for me. I also appreciate Website Builder's functionality, active components and creative options! The US tech support team is great - Thank You Go Daddy!

Go Daddy Fan

From customer service to website…

From customer service to website building, their service is awesome 👌. I would recommend any website builder to use this site.

Risul Rashed

I love the user-friendly website…

I love the user-friendly website builder. Anytime I want to make changes, I can do so pretty quickly, and have it published at the same moment, without any inconvenience. Best thing ever!


I began using another website but…found GoDaddy more user-friendly

I began using another website but switched over to GoDaddy. As a first-time user of the GoDaddy website builder, I found it easy to use and understand, it gives good options to upload images, videos, podcasts and more. I was very happy with the customer service and she found me a great deal for my domain. Highly recommend GoDaddy :-)

Esjay Pea

I LOVE GoDaddy!

I've never had a bad experience with GoDaddy and I've been a customer of theirs for many years. If there's an issue, they either fix it or walk me thru it. Website Builder is awesome and very easy to use. LOVE GODADDY! Wouldn't even think about going elsewhere.

Jeanne Wokurka

GoDaddy website builder and marketing…

GoDaddy website builder and marketing tools have been really nice for my business by saving me time allowing me to basically throw up a website that works! Thank you very much go Daddy and thank you Jesus!

Warren affordabledoorrefinishi

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