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    Is Premium listing Buy Now Only?

    My apologies if I've missed this. I did search a while for the answer in the forum and the Help Center.

    I saw many articles on the differences between types of listings, but couldn't find this specific answer.

    I was listing a domain and set up my price and reserve and minimums. Then I clicked Premium Listing and all that info disappeared and the only field available was the selling price.

    The answer may seem obvious, but I just want to get it right the first time so I don't have to go back and correct.

    thanks in advance

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    Super User II


    So I was looking for the same answer....


    I would ideally like the Premium Listing to be concurrently run with an auction offer/counter offer! 

    Are the Premium Listings that much better that I should expect it to sell for the recommended appraisal value? Should I deactivate the Premium Listing and put in on auction to get it sold faster?

    Others are indicating they sell a few per month on Premium Listing though. Can't decide what price to put and how long to leave it before considering auction style.

    Thanks. You have put all of my questions into your post. I hope someone can enlighten us. 🙂

    I'm having the exact same issues.  I filled out all the fields for an auction then noticed the Premium button for $19.99 to get more exposure.  Everything disappeared!  Then it said my domain doesn't qualify as a Premium.  Really? ??  I've spoken to 3 reps and spent almost 2 hours on the phone.  Doesn't anyone at GoDaddy have ANY training?  Not only do they not have answers, they are emailing me links to articles that have nothing to do with the subject.  It's like they are all smoking pot? So far, GD gets an "F".


    Can anyone answer this system question:  Is their such as thing as a Premium auction listing?  If so, what is the difference between a Premium and Standard auction?  Thank you. 

    I have got five nos of Domains which I need to sell it immediately. If Its possible at the level of Go-Daddy.Pls inform me