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    Want to park 2,000 domains: return of experience requested with the highest 80% level of income?

    Hello, does it make sense to register 2,000 "new" domain names to park them with Cash Parking with the highest 80% level of income?

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    The biggest factor in making money on parking is that the domains needs to have traffic. How do you intend on getting traffic to your domains, typically "new" domains have very little natural traffic and it is against terms to advertise a parked domain in order to generate artificial traffic. 


    2000 domains is a hefty investment and I don't want you to spend the money only to be burned by not understanding the basics. 

    Thanks. So GoDaddy does not participate in increasing traffic on these domains? I would pay for such service.

    No, GoDaddy cannot help to artificially inflate traffic numbers on parked pages, that is against the terms of our ad provider. We do have SEO services for Websites, but parked pages do not typically get indexed by search engines so all traffic to them needs to come from people typing it into their browsers, or from backlinks.