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    Won an Auction due to error

    I used to participate in auctions in the past, but after about 8 years I wanted to participate again. So I was in an auction as everyone as I was bidding in usd. I got message that I have been outbid and when I logged in, I went to my multi bid screen. There it showed my bid amount in INR which was confusing but it was OK. 


    The problem was I wanted to outbid the current bid and I thought I was bidding in INR and entered 41000 thinking it was INR. Turned out, it was USD and I kept auto outbidding the other bidder until it was way more than what I budgeted for.


    I am not a Bid and runner and I am currently bidding on other good domains, but I don't want to pay for this domain.


    I already sent an email to but just wanted to know what can be done. 

    The second winner could easily buy since he was willing to bid all the way up.


    Has this ever happened to you?


    What will happen now?

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