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    Image Compression

    So I'm currently working on my website through GoCentral (Personal), and I'm having a problem with my images/logos being over compressed after upload. For example, when I add my logo to my header, I use an Adobe Illustrator vector file, convert it in Photoshop to a PNG with transparency, and everything looks very sharp and detailed. As soon as I upload it to the site everything changes. GoDaddy is apparently compressing the image uploads automatically. My logo is now fuzzy and very unprofessional looking. I have uploaded small versions, huge versions, JPG's, PNG's and GIF's, all with the same result. I am a logo designer (although won't be selling online, hence the personal account), and need to present myself in a professional manor. Showing blurry and compressed images in my portfolio is unacceptable. It just seems if I'm paying for a service, I should have control over what my images look like. Any suggestions to remedy this situation? I am currently on a free 1-month trial, but am unlikely to renew if I can't fix this issue. Thanks.

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    I have a test account and uploaded a .png logo at the recommended size for my theme of 600 x 125 and it's crisp and clear.   What size was you image to start?


    Maybe try using an image that is 600 x 125 (or the recommended size noted for your theme) and see if that makes a difference?


    HTH! 😉



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    I tried making an image exactly those dimensions as recommended as the upload size. I had the same issue unfortunately. No worries, since I have given up on the idea of using this builder for my site. It just doesn't have enough customization (i.e., can't change text size, color, etc. without it applying to the entire site. Thanks for your help anyway. Much appreciated.

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    I noticed that in the preview. What's going on GoDaddy?

    I am SO underwhelmed by go daddys site builder. They should spend as much on their site builder as they were spending on their ad campaigns. This is a crappy product and the blurry logo issue is just the beginning.