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    Issues with multiple browsers

    I'm a little new to the community forum but I have this new website on its way up and I've just discovered that in Firefox some of the links are invisible. Additionally, the forum looks terrible according to my users, yet in Chrome it's fine. 


    Being very inexperienced in web design overall, I'm not sure where to start with tackling this problem. I have exercised my GoogleFu to no avail. If it were with just a single module or plugin, I would target my efforts but the forum is its own module, as is the login/registration and the "Campaigns" page (which is just a category list within Joomla).

    (Please excuse the colors, I'm dealing with structure before I get to making it pretty)



    If anyone has some advice or is willing to assist, I would be grateful. As it stands, users have specifically complained about the "Sign Up" link at the bottom of the CB Login module, the navigation within the forum, and the links on the Campaigns page. 


    Thanks in advance.

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    Helper III

    Hello OneShotPaddy,


    first, i would like to welcome to the forums. After reading your post, it sounds like what you are referencing is a cross-browser compatibility conflict. Most cross-browser compatibility conflicts are from JavaScript.


    I wouldn't mind mind helping you out. Shoot me a skype.

    please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at: