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    SiteLock Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool (SMART)

    I am constantly getting alerts about the SiteLock Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool (SMART).  The messages say "SiteLock Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool ran its scan today but was not able to successfully access your files. Please check your SMART settings in the SiteLock dashboard and ensure all information is current and accurate."  Since setting up SMART my settings have never changed so I do not understand why I am bombarded with these alerts all the time.  I have gone through the settings and have verified everything is accurate again.  What is going on?

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    It could be fake malware. Have you recently downloaded any 'free' themes (if a Wordpress site) or plugins?

    I suggest running a decent antivirus program on all your site files. If this doesn't help then contact support.

    It could of course be nothing to worry about but a quick google search revealed some 'fake SMART malware popup' results.

    So sitelock can't detect "fake" malware?


    It needs to have extra anti-virus software?


    What exactly is the benefit of Sitelock?


    Obviously, the "FREE" sitelock provided by godaddy is just a marketing agreement.

    One scan, then you pay? 


    Unable to verify docroot

    Please select the correct docroot for domain:
    Please verify that the user: xxxxxxxxxxxx has permission to write to this directory.
    (xxxxxx is for keeping my identity secret. I have a perfect and valid domain and userid)
    Your scan has been deactivated.


    This is the error I am getting. What mistake am I doing? Could anyone suggest me which is the docroot? I brought everything from GoDaddy. Thanks in advance

    This is the error I am getting. Is there a way I could fix this. I have managed WordPress hosting from GoDaddy, Domain From GoDaddy and brought Malware Protection today from GoDaddy. I have an SFTP account but don't know how to use it to configure