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    Sitemap not being discovered by any seo search or even google

    I’ve contacted godaddy customer care twice regarding my website’s sitemap not being discoverable. I’m lost to what I need to do now moving on. I’ve submitted the sitmap addresses I’ve been given by godaddy help as you’ll see in the 2 pics. But I don’t understand the reason at the bottom of the 2nd pic as to why it’s not being indexed nor why google say sitemap is still NA?


    please help! I haven’t had this issue with any other previous websites, and I’ve only chosen godaddy this time around as my business partners wanted to follow advice and recommendations from other people. However I’m the one dealing with all marketing and IT. And this is frustrating the hell out of me. And I need the advise of others who have had this problem and been able to solve it, guide me thru the solution step by step.





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    I don't know if you've allowed enough time. It takes several days for the search engines to index new sites. It can also take several days when a sitemap is changed. They are now recognizing my site, but not my products because there is no place for category body copy, only product descriptions. I've come to believe this is an issue.


    There are other posts about this issue, where the indexing the site was a problem in the past, but it should be fixed now. Here was one:


    I think it just takes time...

    @ResinartistAny news on this issue?