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    Getting Started

    Where is my site backup option?


    It says:


    You can add Site Backup to your hosting account or server to create automatic daily backups. For more information about what it does, see What is Site Backup?

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
    2. Click Web Hosting or Servers.
    3. Next to the account you want to use, click Options.
    4. Click the Customize tab.
    5. From the Site Backup menu, select the upgrade you want.
    6. Click Checkout, and then complete the checkout process.

    But I have no such menu under my Customise tab.  I have Linux Economy Hosting.

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    Manual backups in cPanel

    1. From the cPanel home page, in the Files area, click Backups.
    2. In the Download a Home Directory Backup area, click Home Directory.

    If you have any databases you should also download a backup of them by clicking the database's name in the Download a MySQL Database Backup area.


    Next step

    There is not option for backup. That was the initial question. Under files in the cPanel there is no option to back up the site.

    he was an IDOT!!!!!!!

    MYSTERY ....

    MYSTERY ... 


    you should click My Products,

    then click "HOSTING"

    and choose "options"


    after that move to "customize" tab, and you will see there "site backup" where you can choose GBs and purchase them