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    How can I best contact potential investors of my business?

    We'have been meaning to sell 20 % of this company which sells natural products online. Most of our products are already well optimized in almost all search engines. Nutricuerpo.com is a Colombian based company
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    Hey @Nutricuerpo you may want to look at some of our mentors who are familiar with this.  As an example, you may want to ping this user: https://www.godaddy.com/community/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/393570 





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    Have you explored traditional investor channels? Usually, startups find their earliest investors from their immediate circle of friends, family or business partners.  Once you have a lead investor, they may be able to help bring others in, or at the very least give your project the credibility it needs to pick-up new investors. 


    Additionally, if you are profitable and a strong foundation, putting together your business stats into an informative and not-to-revealing pitch deck will make reaching out to new investors a lot easier.


    It will also help you break that "20%" into digestable chunks. Some questions that come to mind are:

    What is 20% worth to you?

    What does that get the investor?

    Is it possible to break this into "bite sized" investments that your immediate circle can then jump in on?


    Finding a "new" investor to shell out for 20% is a pretty big risk without a previous relationship. However, 5% would be much more manageable... 


    I have found in the past, that just the act of making the pitch deck typically helps to give my clients a better understanding of what exactly it is they are looking for in an investor. 


    Like all marketing and outreach, specifically targeting your investor demographic will be helpful when you are trying to build a new relationship with an "unknown." 


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    Some customers can be potential investors. Easier to just start talking to them. If they are not thinking about investing themselves, ask if they know someone who may be interested. Since your customers already understand your product, they can make effective introduction for you to a potential investor of their contact.