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Community Manager

[Article] It's not a sad state of web development.

Reading this article from Tom McFarlin and it's too good to not share.




"This sounds like some lifehack or some article you’d read in Business Insider or hear in some TEDx talk, but hear (or read) me out:

  1. I believe that the way you maximize your productivity is by maximizing your happiness.
  2. To maximize your happiness at work, you need to use tools that you enjoy.
  3. To use tools that you enjoy, you’ve got to evaluate what helps you complete your work, and that helps you do good work.

Don’t miss the last point:

It’s not enough to get work done, but I assume you care about doing good work.

I define that as adhering to best practices, making sure that you’re optimizing images, assets, and so on, and that you’re minifying and packing resources for what you release, too."


Fantastic post. Great advice. Highly recommended. Give it a read.



Advocate VI Advocate VI
Advocate VI

Re: [Article] It's not a sad state of web development.

Thanks for the lead, that was excellent!