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Which video hosting platform is best for your clients?

From the GoDaddy Garage:


"It’s only a few short years since using video content as part of an overall web development project was the preserve of major brands — each with significant resources to throw at the medium. These days, integrating video is an increasingly common requirement for even the smallest of web development projects, and fortunately, the options available for doing so have never been simpler or more powerful. The last few years have seen the emergence of some eminently affordable video hosting solutions that put global distribution within everybody’s reach.


In this piece, we’ll step through three of the most popular video hosting options currently available, and break down their respective advantages. By the time we’re finished, you should have a much clearer idea of which way to lean with your next project."


Source: Video hosting shootout: Which platform is right for your clients?


So here's the question -- which hosting platform do you use for your clients, and why? And do you have any video hosting insights of your own to share?




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Advocate VII


It depends on why the client is using video.  If its primarily for SEO purposes, branding, etc., its certainly hard to beat YouTube.


I actually use Wystia (and looking into Vimeo) for applications for private content.  For example, all of the video training we provide is streamed via Wystia.  I like keeping my original work published as my work.  Wystia makes it very easy for me to create playlists that are member-level specific within my website.  Performance-wise, I've been very pleased with Wystia.


Wouldn't hesitate to refer to Wystia!




Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Most companies want youtube, however I work with a lot of people in the wedding industry and they pretty much all use Vimeo. I personally like Vimeo more and that's what I like to use.

Advocate II

Ive always gone with youtube unless there is some sort of specific niche video site that fits with the client.

CEO of Antbuilt, LLC