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    WordPress Update 4.7.1 Failed to Update on Managed WP Sites

    Just got notifications for each of our Managed WordPress sites (4 of them) that the latest WordPress update to 4.7.1 failed to complete. 


    One of our sites on the CPanel hosting that is checked to automatically update, was updated successfully. So is this a Managed WordPress issue? In the WordPress Dashboard of each MWP site I refresh for it to check for the latest update and it just refreshes the time it was checked but gives no option to update to 4.7.1. 


    Please fix! 

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    I got the same error and I noticed that all the Chat agents for support are offline, so my guess is that they already know that the update failed, so there is not point to provide support to customers with the same issue and for which they probably are working already.


    I hope this get fixed soon

    Getting Started

    This was initially posted on another thread:


    Basically and by design, the managed WP product does not "immediately" make core updates since the GD team needs to test and validate before rolling out to the customer sites. However, they did not properly suppress these messages, so now site admins and in some cases our clients are getting messages making them wonder just what kind of site maintenance they are paying for. Hoping for these types of oversight to get resolved by @Gabe 

    I have the same problem.  Could someone at GoDaddy please reassure us that they are aware of this issue and that they are trying to resolve it as a Level 1 issue?


    I get this message at the top of all Wordpress screens:

    "An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator."


    My users are screaming that they can't save Drafts (they can, I tried) but it seems that Wordpress disconnects from its users every 20 seconds or so.  If you wait it reconnects but users might by then have changed to another browser window and lost their work.  


    For now, I think this advice works as a workaround:

    The suggested procedure:

    • Place your text as usual in your Post, then Click "Save Draft" immediately. 
    • If you lose the connection to the Wordpress site, wait.  Do not close the window you were editing in.
    • When Wordpress reconnects to you, Save your draft again if the text is still visible to you in the Wordpress window in your Browser.  I think that will, rather limpingly, get you going.  
    • (Hopefully GoDaddy will work out what has been messed up and fix it soon.etc.)

    @NeilD the disconnect/logout issue may be related to the caching issue, see thread below and try clearing GD cache on dashboard and disabling the noted file in wp-content folder.


    HI, Thanks for your info, however I have cleared cache but the site will not stay open long enough (before I need to log in again - now every 30 seconds) to get to the wp-content folder. Is it best just to play the waiting game with godaddy - I have spent hours & hours waiting on the phone for them this week. or should i revert to backup kept before the update?

    @RTB to access the wp-content folder you should go through SFTP and you will not be affected by the logout.


    Also, FWIW, the 4.7.1 update has been rolling out on some of my GD managed WP sites today, so far I think about 5 have been updated, so it may be that you will have the 4.7.1 update done in the next 12-24 hours.

    "That alert happened due to either automatic upgrades being enabled or if manual upgrade was attempted. Since it's managed, we are doing the update. It will start rolling out to our Managed WordPress customers tomorrow, 1/12/2017."


    Got this from Facebook Messenger response. 

    This was posted in a community post to temporary fix the login issue.



    Re: Wordpress Keeps Logging Me Out [ Edited ]
    I managed to get on with chat and here is there solution they gave me.

    login to your SFTP.
    Go to the "wp-content" folder.
    change the name of the "object-cache.php" file to "object-cache.php.bak" (so add the .bak onto the end of it)

    G-daddy says, "that workaround is given by our admins and should work while we're working on a permanent fix."

    NOTE: this is after checking for broken plugins, flushing the cache, etc. It seems to be working for me. Hope it helps everyone else who is in the chat que.

    Regarding the login session expiring issue, I had that last week, before any of this WordPress update stuff started happening. I ended up determining that it was a plugin in my site. Once I got rid of that, it stopped happening. I believe it was a 'File Manager' plug-in that had just come out with an update. As soon as I updated it, it started giving me login session expired issues. 


    Aside from that, not sure if this is your exact same issues (I can still save drafts), but in case it helps, that's the experience I had recently. 

    Product Team

    Hey folks.  It's a managed platform, so we handle the core updates rather than WordPress core.  WordPress 4.7 changed the way it handles the notifications, which is why customers received the notification--typically that happens silently.  So, the only think different than normal is the the notification was sent out.  Sorry if it caused any concern, we're handling updates with 4.7.1 as we typically do.






    I got this error.  


    An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator.


    Thanks for getting this addressed.

    Any idea when we'll be able to stay logged in long enough to make changes?

    Gabe, thank you for responding to our queries. 

    I'll be relieved once I see this actually take place. In the meantime, I'm really concerned, especially since this latest WP update was a security update. I've been having strange issues with my sites over the last week, from login sessions expiring every 30 seconds or less, to now this update issue. 

    We've seen that 1 of our 4 sites has now been successfully updated today to the latest wp version, but the others are not there yet. 


    Thank you.

    According to the support tech I contacted through chat, you cannot do any security updates to WordPress until you update PHP to version 5.6. How is this even possible? If I had a regular cPanel account, I could just do the security update myself.


    I asked about switching from managed WordPress hosting to cPanel hosting. The support tech told me I would need to purchase a new hosting account. If you're not going to actually manage our WordPress sites, you should at least allow us to do it without requiring us to purchase a new hosting account.


    Not immediately updating WordPress with a security update is awful service. 

    So does this mean my site is updated or not? I have more than one managed WP site and one is updated and the other is not. When I went to update my theme it basically killed the site. I had to roll back and their tech support says I have to update WP first. But I can't. Is there a work around??? There are security issues with this update so it needs to get done.

    When is GoDaddy going to complete updating our sites to WP 4.7.1? It's end of the week now and still 3 out of 4 of my sites on Managed WordPress are not updated leaving them vulnerable to security issues and attacks. 


    It would be nice to hear from you GoDaddy and get some explanation and expected deadlines. 

    Maybe they should give us a credit on our account! Lord knows we pay enough for their services and when things don't go right we cant get a hold of anyone with an answer!  Support Chat is off line, call wait times is 40+ minutes and no one knows how to fix? The only answer I get is a few days it should be fixed... that's not good enough!

    Just got off the phone with CS... said it won't be until the 16th for them to roll the update out?!





    Thanks for the update. I am appalled by GoDaddy's handling of this issue. Customers are paying a lot of money to receive not only a product but also exceptional, if not proactive, customer service. 


    When we signed up for WP managed service, we provided GoDaddy with our email address, etc. So, why hasn't Go Daddy issued (emailed) a service bulletin or notice to its customers notifying them of this issue and action plan? Fishing for answers on this blog or community is not the way to go.


    Given the above, when will the notice be issued? What is GoDaddy going to do to prevent this from happening again?


    GoDaddy's continued failure to deliver best-in-class CX is going to drive a quick customer exodus. We are already considering another competitor to support our website.


    It would be most appreciative if you can share this message with GoDaddy's leadership for action.