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DNS seems correct but unable to receive emails


So i got this wired problem with my email.

I can send Email, but not get email. I've changed my DNS to this:
CName all 1 hour TLL:
Host: pop Points to:
Host: smtp Points to:
Host: imap Points to:
MX records, again all are 1 hour TLL:
host: @ Points to: (Priority: 10)
host: @ Points to: (Priority: 0)


So i can't really see the issue maybe one of you can? And thanks for helping out. 🙂

Community Manager

Hi @PhoenixMods. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Those look like the right MX records for a US Workspace Email account. If you have something other than that, it would explain why your email isn't working. Are you for sure on a US Workspace Email plan? 


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