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Adjusting from seeing people privately for fitness

How does one adjust from a private fitness industry from many clients to basically none? Especially when there are free workouts available.
Getting Started

Create training on YouTube and if you have your client’s email or phone invite them to attend. Your clients would rather work with you than anyone else. This could also turn into creating visibility for you and attract clients for you after this is over. Make sure to brand and post your name and contact info. So there are others doing training, they aren’t doing it like you. How do you differ.
Getting Started

You can do it for free now but could build new business.

You can also meet clients online. Check out free video options that are easy to use like You just send a link to click on and the client can see you without needing to login or do anything else.
Susan S Blizzard
Community Manager

Hey @Nique1280. Sorry to hear you've seen such a dramatic drop in your clients. I think the most valuable part of a business like yours is personalization. Your ability to meet clients where they're at is a big step up from what can be received from free, impersonal service. I would suggest as others have above that you try virtualizing your customer's experience. Try to meet them on Zoom or other video conferencing calls and make that a feature of what you offer in your marketing. You may end up growing to a larger client base that way! 


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Community Manager

It's the relationship between the instructor and the client, even if it's virtual.


While there are a ton of free fitness lessons on YouTube, folks will anchor on the handful of instructors who appeal to them the most.


My wife is a big fan of Fitness Blender and Beverley Cheng, while I follow Jeff Nippard for strength and GCN for cardio.


We found them through the free videos they posted to YouTube. After a little while, we paid for their premium products (whether classes or content) because we wanted to support them and we wanted access to more of their stuff.


So, my $0.02 as a client:


Think like a creator. Publish free content on a regular basis. Get the audience going. Then offer additional content, personal 1:1 check ins, and other perks at a premium. To sell the premium stuff, you could build a membership site on WordPress using a plugin like Restrict Content Pro.


Hope that helps!


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Thank you for your help in this difficult time we are facing. My question is :

Can you please recommend good crossfit workouts on Youtube or other websites to post and email to our members?