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Access Denied - Godaddy website firewall

Hi ,

I am using Deluxe security plan ..

I activated the plan on my domain but I got this error message for some pages :

Access Denied - Godaddy website firewall ;

Reason : An attempt to evade and bypass security filters was detected ;


To solve this issue I should add my IP address in Whitelist but just I changed the internet connection I had new IP address and this message returned back ..

So , Is there another way to solve this problem other than Whitelist ?


Thanks ,



Re: Access Denied - Godaddy website firewall

I have the same issue. I recently moved and I keep adding my new IP address to the whitelist (under RemoteMySQL in the Cpanel), but it doesn't seem to work. 


Re: Access Denied - Godaddy website firewall

Hello @akima and @oceanlugano,

I am happy to answer your questions:

The firewall can block some requests which are suspicious, one solution is to whitelist your IP address but you can also whitelist the URL in question so that it does not get blocked in the future. In your security dashboard under "Access Control" you can click on "Whitelist URL Paths" and specify the path to the file you are trying to access and whitelist it (Make sure its the relative path, like wp-content/file.php, not including your domain name).

I have included a screen shot:
Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 5.34.32 PM.png


Krasimir K
Remediation Lead/Supervisor