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Free SSL Installed Working Good But All Other Domains At Account Not Working

Dear Godaddy People!


we have install a free 3 months ssl on our shared hosting account our primary domain working good with ssl but all other domains those are on this very same account are going to https://xxxxx and those domains does't have any thing like ssl


Solutions i would have to install seprate ssl for each domain ?

or some thing with  .htaccess  ?>


Hi @CCSOL, thanks for posting.

Since you mentioned you are using a free SSL, it would be a standard SSL. A single standard SSL will only secure 1 site. The other domains on your hosting plan will not be secured.

The exception to his is a UCC SSL, which can secure multiple domain names.

Otherwise, if you are using cPanel hosting, you can install additional standard SSLs for your other domains.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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