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I am Not Able to Open WordPress


I am very new to this forum and i don't know what am i doing yesterday.

I have 2 domains - one is not having WordPress and other i have 

Yesterday , i truly made a mistake ,i was actually forwarding one domain to different website But 

i did in one that have WordPress, that i don't want to forward to.

My question is that -is there possible to revert to default setting? if yes , please let me know ,i  need your help

By the way, yesterday i tried to backup. until now my website is not not working 

"May i know how much time it take to bring my website back".


I hope ,you will  definitely figuring  out my problem 

Thank you


PS: if my writing sucks,i am really sorry :-) I am not really good at English 



Re: I am Not Able to Open WordPress

Hello @kishor12

 If You Forgot Wordpress Password You Can Recover With Email That You Have Used During Wordpress Installation Smiley Happy

Also if You Had Redirect Your Site You Can Remove From Redirects Smiley Happy

Re: I am Not Able to Open WordPress

Dude it sill parked, i tried to reset but never happen 

Thanks for the reply 


Found solution by myself! So Happy

This was my previous problem before : "I am Not Able to Open WordPress"i got lock down actually


I dig it little more further, thought of everyone can solve their own problem or solving someone's problem.

Now i found the solution today. And i guess it might be helpful to someone having same problem-

Basically my problem was: point at was wrong . After i forward to some domain,i think i made mistake on not checking my IP address where it  is pointed at


This link will show the picture and i think you might understand ,what my problem is :DNS fix