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    Does sitelock add 307 redirect to your URL?



    I got sitelock's service from godaddy. Yesterday, I noticed that my URL has slightly changed structure because it is giving a 307 redirect.


    The new structure is showing as http://mydomainname.com/?v=d71bxxxxx8bb


    Is this variable at the end of the URL "?v=d71bxxxxx8bb" being inserted by Sitelock (Incapsula)?


    Anyone has any ideas?

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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hello @Holfashions, that is very strange.  Sitelock scans via FTP, so it wouldn't need to change your site content or directories in any way.  I'd suggest giving our Sitelock teams a call so we can take a look at your site set up and see why that URL is active after adding the program.  You can reach that team directly at: 480-366-3501.  Thanks!