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    Shipping Options


    I've been looking over some of the questions people are asking about how their website looks many have come back and have mentioned shipping costs before you get to check out .

    I have put mine on my home page do you think that is the best place or is there another we can show it before people having to completing the cart.

    I was also wondering if anyone can give me some advice on google AdWords please ive set up one but not even sure if I have set it up right.

    I was just wondering if anyone has set one up before that could give me some advice on it please


    debbie bradburn
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    Re: Shipping Options



    Yes, making shipping costs easy to find and up front is important -- so good job with that!  😉


    You don't have to necessarily have them on the home page.   Simply having a page in your top menu that details all your shipping info (policies, carriers, returns, etc.) will suffice.  Also including a FAQ page where you answer all the questions you think customers may have -- and that includes shipping related questions is wise too.


    As far as AdWords, did you check here?


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Shipping Options

    Hi, if its not too late.... I understand that the shipping in product settings override the shipping options. However, I want to have a free delivery for customers that purchase $50 and beyond. But i cant seem to get this right.

    I have set to where per item delivery is $0.60.. so when I tried adding 10 items to cart, it becomes $6.

    But when I added to the amount of $50 for items, the shipping fees become $12 which isn't what i am trying to set.

    how do i get around this issue?

    thanks in advance!

    Re: Shipping Options

    If you go to your shipping page and click on "ADD". From there you can add on "Free Shipping" and it will take you to a screen that you can put in what total ships for free ($50.00). You can also add "If minimum not met, then charge each order".