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    Trouble uploading a Mobirise website?

    I built a website with Mobirise, and it did not upload correctly... does this work with go daddy, and if so how??? files seem to be intact.

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    Re: Trouble uploading a Mobirise website?

    Hi @fireglassbeads,

    Hi, I'm not sure but I just read this blog quickly : https://www.cmscritic.com/mobirise-review/


    Read down right at the bottom "Not a hosted solution"

    I think you have to host it yourself on Google drive? You may find a hosting service that can host it though. 

    I would phone up support regarding this. The mobirise company don't make this obvious at all. I had to search for a while and read a load of rubbish.

    But you can host it on Google drive at least. But check with support as this is new!

    Re: Trouble uploading a Mobirise website?

    I have several site loaded onto my Godaddy server account with no problems. I used both Filezilla and Mobirise publish to upload. Just to let you know not to give up on Godaddy.


    Re: Trouble uploading a Mobirise website?

    So tell us how did you manage to do so? I cant even upload files on GoDaddy, not such a option here. Not even Tools Section.Someone can help, pls?


    Re: Trouble uploading a Mobirise website?

    Hey @Zbig,


    Sorry to hear you're having issues.  From what I have found in searches, it sounds like you may have to publish your site files to your local PC, then upload them to your hosting account with us.  (There may be a way to directly publish them to the hosting, but I'm unsure of the process at this time)


    Our help articles can give further details on uploading files if you need more info.  If you're not able to find the upload options in your file manager in your hosting, I'd definitely reach out to our support team to make sure nothing odd is going on with the hosting.


    Hope that helps!


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