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    Website Under Construction

    Is there a way to show that the website is under construction, blocking it from browsers while you finish setting it up?

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    Advocate VI

    What platform are you on? Managed WordPress? cPanel?


    If it's a WordPress site, there are plug-ins that help you with this, such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-construction-mode/


    what if its Cpanel? Its too early for me to create the page, but the homepage address is already on my business cards and I want to show the logo and coming soon sign with my email or instagram account details until I find good designer to work on the page


    Here is a sample Under construction page http://oslinux.xyz

    This is a sample and can be changed to fit your needs. I tried to post the HTML Code in a Code tag but kept getting a permission Denied when trying to post so I have attached the html file. The file will need some changes but can be used as a base.


    to enter a new line use 


    any text not between "<>" can be changed as that is Text that will show on the page. For the Email link you can delete it or change it to your email address.


    <a title="Email Link" href="mailto:email@domain.net">email@domain.net</a>

    replacing the email@domain.net with your email address.

    You will need to upload your business logo to the same location as index.html and then replace fedora.jpg with the name of your image file.

    A new and improved website is being constructed. Thank you for stopping by and please come back again real soon.

    Robert Laster

    Director of Communications