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    Website builder Booking system

    Hi everyone, I own and operate a barbershop, for the booking system that i have in the website i have an issue that i hope it gets fixed soon. 

    The navigation i have now in the website goes like this ( Book now - Select your stylist - Select your service - book an appointment ) , on the booking page where the customer needs to pick a day and time, how do i get to remove the drop down menu where it asks to select a stylist again? without interrupting the function of notifying the selected staff from the page i built! , as of now, my customers are selecting a stylist twice, first on the stylists page i built then a second time on the booking page, how can i connect the calendar to my stylists page and get rid of that drop down menu of " selecting a staff " in the booking page? thanks

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    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: Website builder Booking system

    Hello husam90,

    Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to remove the staff dropdown on the calendar page.
    When you have more than 1 staff associated with a service, the dropdown would be there automatically. I have noted this down as a feature improvement.
    As a work around, I would suggest to direct your book now to the Services page, instead of the Stylists page, and would remove the individual book button from each stylist (on Stylists page).
    I understand the need to link the Stylists page and the Services page. Thus, you could potentially have a section to add this link on both Services and Stylists pages.
    I hope that's helpful and we want to thank you of using Website + Marketing as well as our Online Appointments feature.
    We welcome any feedback that you have.