Professional Email

Everyone has email, but not all email is the same.

Professional Email puts your brand and business in the spotlight with each email you send. 93% of GoDaddy Professional email customers agree that it’s essential to their business.

Protect your email and your business.

Get more done, wherever you are.

Microsoft Office 365

With cloud-based versions of Microsoft Office and secure online storage, you can safely and seamlessly create, edit, store and share documents online. Your critical work is always accessible and always safe.
Do you manage 10 employees or more?

Call (480) 463-8337 to talk to one of our Office 365 experts and get a free, no-commitment quote for your business.

Our experts can provide zero-downtime migration that works around your schedule. No hassle. No lost productivity.

Online Bookkeeping

Say goodbye to hours of data entry and piles of receipts. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping balances your books automatically by importing your income and expenses directly from your business accounts.

Better yet, it makes it easier to get paid with simple invoice creation and tracking. It can even help you prep for tax season by automatically categorizing transactions into Schedule-C tax lines.

As low as

Email migration: All your contacts. All your emails.
Worried about transferring your email to your business email account? We'll make your concerns disappear. Our experts can transfer your emails, attachments and folders for you. Best of all, they do it behind the scenes whenever it's convenient for you, so there's no disruption or downtime to your business email account.

Jordan M.
GoDaddy Guide

Jordan M.
GoDaddy Guide

Jordan M.
GoDaddy Guide

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