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Common questions about the WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Export plugin

Below you can find information about common cases and issues, as well as how to better utilize the WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon Export plugin.

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Answers to common questions

Can refunds be exported?

Yes, the extension is compatible with refunds and will use a predefined or custom format depending on whether the following fields are added:

  • refunded_total: The amount of the refund.
  • Item_refunded: The amount a specific item in the order has been refunded.
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Are customer VAT numbers available in order exports?

It's not possible by default, however, using the WooCommerce Taxamo or EU Vat Number extensions will ensure the customer VAT numbers provided in orders will also be included in a vat_number column in the order exports.

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Why are there users missing from my customers export?

A registered user must first place at least one order before they will be recognized as a "customer" and appear in the Customers export.

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Can columns be duplicated in a custom export format?

No, columns serve as keys for the column headers, so all duplicate sources will be removed to ensure there are no issues with the generated export.

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Can the Export Status column be removed from the Orders or Users pages?

Of course! Going to the Screen Options pages at the top of these screens will allow you to make adjustments to which collumns will be visible.

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Can I export serialized data?

Yes, serialized data can be exported in its serialized form. To add custom meta, you can create a custom format and use the Include all meta option.

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Why are there no leading zeros in my Excel export?

Excel hides leading zeros by default. This is most often seen with ZIP codes like "01234" – Excel hides the first zero and displays "1234". To make leading zeroes visible in the export, configure Excel to format the column as text.

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How can I make foreign and special characters display properly in Excel?

This is happening due to an issue with the encoding used by Excel. In order to proceed, we'll need to force Excel to use UTF-8 encoding to render these characters properly by adding this snippet to your site:

Warning: Please be sure you know how to safely add custom code to your site before proceeding.
add_filter( 'wc_customer_order_csv_export_enable_bom', '__return_true' );
Note: UTF-8 characters are not supported in Excel for Mac, so accented or special characters properly. Other applications you can try using are:
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Why is all my data appearing in a single column in Excel?

A common reason for this issue is because your computer may be set up to use a different delimiter than the standard comma. Typically the semicolon can be used as an alternative. Delimiters can be updated in your export format.

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Can Product Add-Ons in the XML file be separated to be found easier?

At this time, this ability is not supported for XML exports. Alternatively, a code snippet is available that should work for most stores.

Warning: Please be sure you know how to safely add custom code to your site before proceeding.
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How can I change the character encoding or XML version?

The defaults should work for most sites, but you can use the wc_customer_order_export_suite_format_definition filter to filter the character encoding, standalone definition, XML version, or other format definitions. You can use this as a sample snippet to get you started.

Warning: Please be sure you know how to safely add custom code to your site before proceeding.
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