8 lessons - 39 total minutes

Lead Conversion: From Inquiry to Signed Proposal

How well are you converting leads to clients? In this GoDaddy Pro Academy course, learn the process of converting a lead prospect to a brand-new client, with questionnaires, screening forms and proposal templates.

Inquiry To Signed Proposal 1

Convert more leads into clients with this step-by-step inquiry to proposal process. In this eight-part mini-course you will learn:

  • The process for when you are first contacted
  • The importance of screening leads
  • Important questions to ask before you get started
  • What should be asked once the contract is signed
  • How to connect with clients to scope a project
  • Tips for getting clients to pay
  • Tips to avoid scope creep and factors that will make the build a success
  • How to take information and place it in an effective proposal
  • Elements that increase a proposal’s closing rate
  • What to do after a proposal has been sent to increase conversion

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