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Best practice for switching payment gateways

Switching the payment gateway for your WooCommerce store can be tricky if you have subscriptions. Each payment gateway secures transaction info in different ways, which complicates how they interact with your site to manage subscriptions.

The preferred way to switch payment gateways for subscriptions is to keep the old payment gateway plugin active but not enabled at checkout and have the new payment gateway plugin enabled and turned on for new subscribers.

This allows you to gradually move existing subscribers off the old payment gateway without disrupting how the transactions are managed by your store. Having auto renew turned off will direct your subscribers to enter their payment info through the new payment gateway when they need to renew.

The key points for a smooth switch between payment gateways are:

  • Keep the old payment gateway plugin active but not enabled for current subscribers.
  • Disable auto-renew for subscriptions, set them to manual renewal.
  • Activate the new payment gateway for new subscribers.
  • Once all your subscribers have renewed their subscription through the new payment gateway, deactivate the old gateway plugin.
  • Depending on your data retention policy, uninstall the old gateway plugin.

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