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Why my business information may be rejected for a Google Business profile

GoDaddy Marketing's service helps you get your local business listed on Google search and maps. But Google has some restrictions on what type of business information it accepts.

When you submit your business information, we review it to ensure it's accurate and meets our partner guidelines. We may need to reformat your business information to meet these guidelines. Our goal is to ensure the information you provide represents your business in a way that's appropriate for a local search site, so that your business attracts the most customers.

To use GoDaddy Marketing's Google Business Profile service, your business must have a valid USPS mailing address and a local phone number (not toll-free), and should qualify as an eligible business. A GoDaddy data quality representative may contact you to correct any errors in your business information. It will not be published to our partner sites until all issues are corrected. Here are some common errors that our partners won't accept:

Invalid addresses

The addresses you provide must be locations you own or can legally represent. Addresses for commercial mail-receiving agencies will not be accepted. Types of invalid adddresses:

  • Addresses belonging to another business with which you are not affiliated
  • P.O. box addresses
  • Post offices or mailing facilities
  • Addresses not in the USPS Database (if you have new or unregistered addresses, visit your local post office and ask that they be added to the national USPS database)

Invalid phone numbers

You must provide an active local number (not toll-free) to use GoDaddy Marketing's Google Business Profile service. Phone numbers should direct customers to your business and should be reachable during operating hours. Do not provide numbers that redirect or "refer" customers to third-party services. Types of invalid phone numbers:

  • Phone numbers that do not connect to your business
  • Toll-free phone numbers (area code/prefix of 800, 855, 866, 877, 888, etc.)
  • Inactive phone numbers
    Note: All GoDaddy Marketing's Google Business Profile applicants receive verification calls during their posted business hours to maintain accurate business information. Businesses that cannot be reached and verified may be rejected.

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