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"Your browser is a bit unusual" FAQ

What should you do if you see the message, "Your browser is a bit unusual..."?
your browser is a bit unusual

This message appears when your browser settings prevent our system from opening some dialogs such as our sign-on page. This might happen when the browser has certain anti-tracking, anti-virus, or anti-ad features or extensions enabled.

If you see this message, the best solution is to turn off those features, but there are other steps you can take. Here are a couple of lists with possible solutions.

Note: Our GoDaddy Guides are not allowed to walk you through these changes, which can affect how your browser behaves for all sites you visit—not just GoDaddy.

Possible solutions for all browsers

See the user documentation for your browser for specific steps.

  • Turn off anti-virus services
  • Clear cache and cookie data
  • Allow third-party cookie access
  • Disable and remove extensions
  • Disable all VPNs
  • Enable Javascript permission on GoDaddy
  • Try a different web browser

Possible solutions for specific browsers

Browsers are constantly evolving to provide new services and features. We recommend you try these possible solutions for your specific browser.

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