Thanks to WHMCS, it’s easy (and profitable) to grow your web hosting business.

As low as £30.99/mo

Everything you need. All in one place.

Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is the engine to GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting. It provides everything you need to start profiting from your web hosting and domain business.

WHMCS is an automation tool that simplifies and automates operating an online web hosting and domain registration reselling business. The WHMCS web host manager gives resellers more freedom in standing up, running and profiting from their reselling business. With the integrated WHMCS application, you’ll manage all your domain and hosting accounts – again, all in one place.

With GoDaddy and WHMCS, you'll...

Automate everything from your dashboard.

From setup to termination, you can automate the entire customer life cycle for hosting or domains from your WHMCS dashboard.

Bill and invoice, automatically.

Set up recurring billing, send reminder notices and collect payments with professional-looking invoices and notifications.

Streamline communications with customers.

WHMCS provides staff with access to customer profiles and billing information to easily track customer communications. Plus, multiple time-saving automations make it easy manage customer communications. Like the WHMCS ticketing system, it allows customers to open tickets via the web or email. That means you – or your staff – can track and manage the entire customer-service experience.

More reasons why WHMCS is your best bet.

User-friendly control panel.
GoDaddy’s business hosting platform combines the dedicated resources of VPS for your customers’ websites with WHMCS – the easiest-to-use control panel out there.
Create your own hosting package.
Unlike other white-label options, our Reseller Hosting with WHMCS gives you the freedom to create your own unique hosting packages.
Automated payment process.
Automatically bill and collect payments through your website’s payment portal.
Find the WHMCS solution that’s right for you.
The integration of WHMCS with our VPS (Business Hosting) makes your reseller hosting solution reliable, secure and easy to manage. Plus, with managed maintenance, you always have the most current version of WHMCS.
  All plans include: Unlimited websites, free WHMCS, and free SSL certificates.

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