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Cambiar mi contraseña de SFTP/SSH

Follow these steps to change your username and password.

  1. Ve a la página del producto de GoDaddy.
  2. En tu página de Mis productos, al lado de WordPress administrado, selecciona Administrar todo.
  3. For the site you want to use, select Settings from the menu icon menu.

    Select settings
  4. Under Production Site, find SSH/SFTP login and then select Change.
    Select change to see sftp info
  5. Copy the Hostname for use in your FTP app, and then select Create New Login.
  6. Select Create New Login again.

    Note: This will delete your current SFTP username and password.

  7. Copy the new Username and Password for use in your FTP app, and then select Close.

Your SSH/SFTP username and password have been updated!

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