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Troubleshooting Google Channel disapproval

If your products are disapproved by Google, check your product(s) against the disapproval reasons below and make sure your products follow these policies.

Missing values [gtin] or [mpn + brand]

Products with the error message “Code: missing_item_attribute_for_product_type” will see limited performance. All search engines use metadata, or information about your product, to help people get good search results. Without good product information and other identifiers, your customers won't be able to easily find your products.

To fix this problem, submit a valid unique product identifier (UPI). These include Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), and brand names.

  • GTIN is a unique numerical identifier for commercial products that's usually associated with a barcode printed on retail merchandise. If your product does not have a GTIN, you can use an MPN and barcode value.
  • GTINs are typically 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits. Check if the GTIN you submitted has too many or too few digits.
  • Custom-made products—including T-shirts, art, and handmade goods—do not have or require a GTIN. To designate your product as a custom item:
    • On your Dashboard, expand Commerce, and then select Products. Choose your product. In the Identifiers tab, edit the Brand, Manufacturer and Model number. Select Save.

Promotional overlay on image

Products with an overlay on the product image will not be shown. Research shows that images with words, extreme filters, or other images covering the image perform poorly.

Upload new images with no promotional text like logos or calls to action, and no obstructing elements like watermarks.

See Google Help articles on fixing promotional overlay on image or Opting in for automatic image improvements.

Missing value [size, color, gender, age_group]

Products in the Apparel & Accessories category with this error will not be shown in some physical locations or countries (geos) or locations within Google such as YouTube, Search, Shopping, etc. (surfaces).

Missing value [size]: This is required for Apparel & Accessories products and recommended for all inventory.

Note:Size can be omitted if it is already included in your product variants.
  • Use a consistent format for size. For example, “S, M, L” or “small, medium, large,” but not “S, Medium, and Lrg”.
  • Condense multiple dimensions into one value, like “16/34 Tall”.
  • If your item is one-size-fits-all or most, you can use one size, OS, one-size-fits-all, OSFA, one-size-fits-most, or OSFM.
  • Add the size of your item to the front of your title to give context to your image.

Missing value [color]: This is required for Apparel & Accessories products.

  • Use a recognizable color name that shoppers are likely to search for.
  • Don't combine several colors into one word, such as RedPinkBlue. Instead, use slashes, such as Red/Pink/Blue.
  • Don't use a value that isn't a color, such as multicolor, various, women's, or N/A.

Missing value [gender]: This is required for Apparel & Accessories products. Specify the gender or age group to help ensure that users see the right size information. Choose from these supported values:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Unisex

Missing value [age group]: This is required for Apparel & Accessories products and adult products like alcohol. Choose from these supported values:

  • Newborn
  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Kids
  • Adult

Price and Availability mismatch

When someone clicks a Shopping ad on Google, they expect to see the same price and availability on your landing page as they see in the ad. Ensure the price and availability on your landing page matches what you provide in your feed.

Then make sure you update your product information in your Online Store Marketplace.

Once you have made the necessary changes, request a Merchant Center re-review by filling out the form on the Disapproved accounts, feed or items page.

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