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One of the hurdles that hits some entrepreneurs right away: What should the business be called? There are a lot of tough decisions to make, but fortunately, our Business Name Generator is here to help.

The answers you need.

  • I can’t decide which name I like best. Any suggestions?

    That’s a good problem to have. If you’re really stuck on which business name you like best, then we suggest that you enlist some help from the people around you. Take a poll of friends and family and ask them which company name resonates the most. You can even give our award-winning customer support team a call. They can offer feedback and help you get set up with a domain name that reflects your new business name, as well as Logo Design, our Website Builder, Web Hosting and everything else you need to get your new venture off the ground and online.

    If, after talking to other people, it’s still a toss up, then consider the below questions:

    • Which name best communicates the purpose of your product or service?

    • Which name is the most memorable or easiest to spell?

    • Is the name available on various social media sites?

    In the end, just remember: The true value inherent in your product or service will determine your company’s success. Yes, we will help you brainstorm some awesome and relevant business names, but the real clincher for any business is in providing people with something they love.

  • I’ve chosen my business name. What next?

    1. Buy the domain name for your business. Even if you don’t put up a website right away (with GoCentral it’s so easy, so why not?), you’ll want to ensure that you own the domain that reflects your new business name.

    2. Register your new company name in the state where you live or plan on basing your new venture.

    3. Get your social media handles. Go to the sites where you plan on having an active social media presence (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) and connect your account with the handle that reflects your new business name.

    Once you’ve laid the above groundwork, there’s nothing stopping you from building a great website with GoDaddy. We’ll also provide you with web hosting, online marketing, online bookkeeping and everything else you need to get your business online and be successful.

  • How does the Business Name Generator work?

    Call our naming experts at (480) 463-8726 and give them a few topics or ideas to work with. Then, using our cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, we will generate business name ideas based on your name, location, business category and any other keywords you suggest. For example, if you suggested “Theresa” and “Bicycle,” you might get back results that include words like “Bike,” “Commute,” “Transport” and more. It’s just a part of the magic of our Business Name Generator.
  • What if I need a domain name for my new business name?

    Of course, there’s no point in using a catchy or unique name creator if there’s not an available domain name, right? After all, people will look for your company online, so you have to factor that in. Fortunately, that’s something we’ve taken into account. And with the ever-expanding number of domain extensions, you have more branding and domain name potential than you might have imagined. New domain extensions let you play around with your company name and the domain, so you can create a web address that people will remember.
  • What if the .com version of my new business name isn’t available?

    We’ll show you the standard .com options (if they’re available), but we’ll also help you get creative by introducing domain name extensions such as .ninja, .store, .guru and many more. Maybe you’re located in Los Angeles and could rock a .la domain, or you’re creating a video blog that would be perfect on a .tv domain. By using the results from the Business Name Generator around your domain extension, the resulting company name can help you stand out from a crowd.