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After 20+ years going to transfer out because renewal prices are too high.

It's now over $18 for each auto-renewal.


Yes, prices for things go up, but this is a static domain name. My renewals now come in over $100. Most domains renew for $11 -$15 a pop.


They say the price is for 'customer service' - but really, in the past 20 years I may have used customer service twice and it wasn't that great (chat is offline now)


Going to be switching all my domains out one by one to namecheap or another registrar agent. Getting nickle-and-dimed by too many accounts these days, and this comes off as GoDaddy just being greedy.


Done... Just found Google domains - they charge $12 a domain per year. I have over 30 domains - so that's a annual savings of nearly $200.. Goodbye GoDaddy - and good luck counting on your customers being too lazy to move their domains as you primary business model.

Community Manager

Hi @kingrice. Thanks for reaching out. We'd definitely hate to see you go. Price increases are never fun to deal with. However, in the last five years, we have made a tremendous effort to improve every aspect of the service we provide. Changes range from managing your domains to the security of your accounts and the performance of our infrastructure. Our focus during this time was to make our customers’ experience, and visitors to their websites, better. 


After much thought, we made the decision to finish this initiative before we adjusted prices. This was a multi-year effort, requiring millions of dollars in equipment and countless hours dedicated to this project. 


If you'd like more information on what has changed in the last five years, you can take a look at this GoDaddy Grage post. I understand that this may not change your decision, but I wanted to make sure you at least had the facts behind recent increases. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Just a follow up, for others.


It was a painful process to transfer from Godaddy to Google.

You have to:


1. Go into Godaddy and unlock the domain

2. Get an authorization code via email (sometimes right away, other times not for an hour or so)

3. Go to Google and enter authorization code and pay

4. Go back to Godaddy and go into a special screen and further authorize the transfer

5. Wait a day or so for Godaddy to send you an email asking if you want to transfer (this happens about 40% of the time, the other times no email is sent) Even though you've already authorized it specifically in their special screen.

6. Wait anywhere from 12hr to 5 days for Godaddy to release it. I moved 20+ domains and it averaged about 3 days - though once it was 5 or 6.


All-in-all it took a good 2 weeks to get them all out of Godaddy's clutches.


Still - on (let's say) 20 domains I end up saving over $1,200 usd over the next 10 years. (and that's IF Godaddy doesn't continue to raise prices).


Overall, worth the pain and suffering to get out from Goadday - encourage anyone else who wants to do it - to make the effort.


Nothing justifies 30% markup, certainly your security isn't better than Google, and as a user I really don't care that you spent millions of dollars to host my domain name? lol