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Confirm Delegate Access Error

Delegate access has been given to a trusted team member. She clicked the ACCEPT ACCESS link from the email she received. Then, when prompted to log into GoDaddy, she logged into our company account (she's *very* trusted). It then directed her to click CONFIRM ACCESS. She continues to receive "Yikes, something went wrong, please try again later," error. What could be the problem?


Having the same issue for over a week now. Cant seem to find the fix or answer to this.

Hi @KarenA and @malsl3,


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Were either of you able to resolve the issue in your accounts for delegate access. First, make sure the delegate access permissions have been completed by the owner of the account offering the access. Second, we advise performing the acceptance in a private/incognito browsing window to avoid caching of your previous attempts. Please contact the Customer Care team, so they can review the settings for you.





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