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Delegate access for orders history

I need my accountant to access order history to see past invoices. How is this possible? I would expect delegate access with appropriate level but I do not see an option for biller and the info page says none of the delegates can actually see order history. I will be thankful for solution, thanks.



Community Manager

Hi @HorizonEG. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, the only way to see the order history within an account is by logging into the account directly. There isn't a way to view it via delegated access at this time. There is an option to export orders via CSV file, but if more detail is needed, you could try printing the orders and providing them that way. If you want to provide them in digital format, you could look for software that allows you to print to PDF files, and send those. I believe Chrome has this option by default. Hope that helps. 


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