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First week, would love some help over here!

I want to break down and cry. It's like a bad dream, and everything is dead ends and slow motion. (still loading...)  I can’t MOVE on here. I can’t do anything. Everything says it’s waiting on my email verification, but I have no unread emails and no way to contact help. I can’t save anything as default, including taxes or the way I view my products, and I can’t put my uploaded pictures into folders, therefore duplicate my photos are duplicated when some may have the same name, instead of making it (2). I can't find a way to "hide" products unless I do it individually, which I am finding very tedious, a lot of things are only changed or deleted by clicking them individually, this is very time consuming, especially on a slow site where you have to go back out and back in, back out, and back in, like on listings to change visibility. I can't make a default listing. I feel completely cracked out from the dead ends, and waiting on dead-end pages to load, just to be faced with the same disappointments over and over again, and I feel angry after trying to accomplish my first upload with godaddy, and around every corner, there is a problem. In trying to get the reviews page to load, it denies me access, stating every email address I attempt with has an account, however I have never used that company in my life. I can’t invoice clients on the site, which is a surprising twist and something I needed, so I have to make individual posts for my clients and use that as invoicing, which is not at all confidential and/or professional, and when I mass-upload Korean names for my listings, they all disappear, well actually they appear as _ _ _. This is crucial information for my clients. So I would love it if I could get some guidance on all of this, because I have nothing to work with here and everything to lose at this point, I can go back to WIX, but you had such great reviews, I wanted to switch. I am so full of regret and anxiety after doing so. 


Thank you.


Hi @hereforhelp,


Welcome to the Community!

We're sorry to hear you're having a hard time with your website. Your comments indicate that you are using the GoDaddy Websites+Marketing plan. Let's take a step back and get you to walk through the stages of store development with some resources to help you out. And of course, GoDaddy offers 24/7 support for many of your questions, so a Customer Care guide can take you through the building stages while looking at your plan with you.. 


Help guides:


All Articles:


Please contact the GoDaddy customer support team at one of the numbers in the link below so they can review the charges and process any eligible refunds. If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (




TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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