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Horrible Unprofessional Customer Service Dublin, Ireland



I HAVE to share that.


On Jan. 07, 2018 I was facing the most terrible Customer Support in my whole life. I am coming from the Customer Support field myself and was working in many Call Center before.


I had an issue with my Domain Transfer from another provider to GoDaddy and I called the Support number here in Dublin, Ireland. The agent from beginning of the call was very impolite. 


His pronunciation was so bad, that I almost could not understand what he is talking about.


Besides of that, I HAVE A HEARING PROBLEM !!!


But after asking him around 3 times, because I didnt understand him well, suddenly he mentioned in a pretty aggressive tone the following:


Can you actually hear me ?


I have no time to repeat my statements over and over again.


I said, what kind of Customer Support is this ???


After what I have explained him what my issue is (he also didnt get it for min. 2 times and I had to repeat it, until he finally got what my issue was), he just put me on hold, without telling me, please wait Sir, I will forward your call to one of our specialists.




The wonderful thing is, that the agent Lorin W in the US was the exact opposite of what you expect from a professional Customer Support agent. He was just wow, talking in a very polite way, understandable and he got my issue almost immediately. He WAS listening to me and was showing a CS of high calibre. I left him I think the best agent feedback I've ever created. It was like a day and night different CS. And... have reported this guy I had my first conversation with already and will spread this experience wherever I can ! Dont call Irish Help Customer Support, or if, please be aware of this unprofessional guy !