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    Dealer Feed

    Great Morning,


    Hope I'm asking in the correct place, I have been working on this for some time and gotten nowhere. I am trying to set up a small web page that will have air guns for sale. I ask the company I am dealing with if they had anything that I could us on my webpage to advertise the air guns. They sent me a email

    “The following is the link to our Dealer Feed:

    You will use the same login for this that you would use for our website. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,”

    (I put the zz’s in place of their name)

    When I click on link it give me a huge text file, I have tried to load this on my web page to no luck at all. To my understanding it should basically load the inventory to my web page. I have contacted them a couple of times.


    I am sorry, but our IT dept. will not get involved with helping dealers download the dealer feed.  For the most part, our dealers
    have not had a problem, I can ask Scott, my manager to give you a call, although he is out of the office this week and beginning of next.  It would be best if you could contact a webmaster that could download the dealer feed for you.


    So anyone here understand what is going on. I am working on Dreamweaver to create web page (new at this also). I have Googled this many times when I put in dealer feed it shows me car dealer info. I have tried some RSS feed stuff but no luck any help would be appreciated I hope I am just over thinking the project??

            Thanks Frank