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    Improve my website visit

    Dear all ,

    i recently build my own food website for our people to get quality food from their local chefs .So please help us to improve our achievement.

    our website is www.foodfromchefs.com


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    Hello @easwaran!


    Welcome to the community and congratulations on your new site! It looks great! I hope you enjoy your time in the community. Be sure to look around. You may be able to help someone else or learn something new yourself. 













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    Congrats on your new site! 




    => It appears that English is not your first language?  Maybe have a friend who is fluent in English to check your site as some of the sentences are choppy and do not make sense.


    => Go through all your text and make sure you have proper sentence structure.  Capitalize sentences, have periods right after the last character and remove any instances of duplicate punctuation.


    => What we do?  I would not have the contact form and map above the fold.  I would move all the content lower on the page to be the first thing visitors see.


    => I don't understand the camera photo -- doesn't fit.  How about a photo of the 14 of you?  I would also include a short bio of each chef next to their individual photo.  Include some details about their passions, what they like to cook, their education/experience, hobbies (to show they are real people) etc.


    => I love the gallery -- made my mouth water!   Try to incorporate those photos next to the various services and include a detailed description about what is in the photo.

    => Create a FAQ page.  Here you can include the answers to the questions potential customers may have.  Such as how much advance notice, any limitations, deposits required, contracts that need to be signed, delivery time-frames before events, any weather limitations, outdoor venue catering, etc.  Have all the chefs sit down and brainstorm -- you just cannot offer enough information -- the more the better!


    => Have a blog where you can feature your events and dishes.  Include photos, the event they were created for, what was involved  -- again the more info the better.


    HTH! 😉



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    wow you even helped me. with those tips

    David shelton

    That's great when you create successfully a website. About your website, I think you should edit again the cover of the website, you can change a different image which looks more clear and more attractive. Besides, you try to change or modify the title "Food from Chefs", you can change another font.

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