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    New Graphic Design and Multimedia website looking for feedback



    I am a newbie to the startup world, and launched a website for my creative service business. I have not invested in advertising yet, as I am still in the planning phase of everything and calculating the time to produce my products and services wisely. I am currently trying to figure out search engine visibility in WordPress. Anyway, I am a one woman operation, and I am also moonlighting this business while working full time in a non related position to pay bills. My business services include graphic design & identity, as well as multimedia art.


    Please visit my site at and let me know your thoughts.



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    Congratulations on your new business!  Good start on the site -- you are on WordPress so that is a great choice right out of the gate!




    => You said you are a one-woman-show so Contact Us should be just Contact.  Join Our Newsletter ---- to Join MY newsletter. Create an About page -- about you -- in the first person.  Have a photo of  yourself and explain your passions as to why you are starting this business.  What makes you tick -- with a little bit of personal information so folks can get to know you. Being a sole prop doesn't mean you necessarily have to sound like there are more of you or larger than you are.  Single owner businesses have the advantage of being nimble and offering better products and services because it is just them and they have all the quality control.  Use that to your advantage!


    => On the Contact page have a contact form.  This gives you the opportunity to garner some information from visitors so that you can assist them better right out of the gate. (Type of product interested in, Project Budget, Time Frame, etc.) Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms are two great plugins to try.


    => Your top of page logo is too small and I can't read what it says.  Find a way to have a larger representation of your creativity at the top of the page. If your theme doesn't offer larger - find another theme.  Being in creative services requires that you show that you have the creativity to help folks with their vision.  You need to reflect you can do this throughout your site.


    =>  Keep all the eCom stuff in the "Shop" area.  Use the rest of the primary menu for your services.  In discussing your services, you can link to those products in your shop but try and keep them separate. This way visitors know where to find out about your services and where to buy your stuff. 


    => On your Design Portfolio include a story about each project.  The person you worked with, what they were looking for, your thought process in creating what you did for them.


    => You are going to want to have a FAQ page that will cover every question potential customers may have about hiring and working with you.  Deposits, contracts, processes, deliverable formats, etc. This also gives you the opportunity to show you have your business organized in a way to make doing business with you easy.


    => Eventually you are going to want to remove the "powered by WordPress" and theme links in the footer.


    As far as search engine visibility, I wouldn't worry to much about that until your site is chock full of information, useful content, blog posts and is rocking! Including active social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn to start.  You are in a very saturated and uber competitive market already owned by thousands of other sites already online.  Concentrating on your geographic area can help to narrow that down.


    In the meantime install Yoast SEO which will help you get all the basic in place from the start.


    HTH! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Thank you much!! I have started making adjustments accordingly. I really appreciate your expertise!