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    New Site Looking for Advice

    Hi Everyone

    I've been live for 6 weeks now.  I have had one sale on my website since then. I have lots of traffic through mainly paid. I regularly make changes as I see fit to the store but I am struggling and banging my head on how to get more sales.  I can't even find my my pages or products on Google,Any advice at all would be appreciated


    Tracey Carlon
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    Re: New Site Looking for Advice



    You are off to a good start -- great product photos! Smiley Wink


    The first thing I noticed is that all your products are free?  All your products show the price with a strike-through and 0.00 with free shipping.  I went through the process and shipping is free to the U.S. as well?  Smiley Surprised  I can see why that would have folks wondering if the site is legit...


    Here are some other suggestions:


    => Create a FAQ page that covers your shipping and handling charges and policies.  Where you ship and how much it costs.  Include all the other questions potential customers may ask about how you do business.  This helps to build a trust factor.


    => Get your site verified on Google Console.  This will let Google know that you exist.  When I search for Tamanu Oil Google shows 526,000 results.  If I narrow that down to Australia, it drops to 101,000 -- so you may want to optimize your content to be country specific  -- less competition!


    => Your About page and Skin Care Tips are both additional up-sells about the product.  Your About page should be About you.  Why are you running this business, what is your passion, what are you hoping to accomplish?  Do you use the products -- what did they do for you? Throw in some personal info and photos -- helps to humanize the site.  With so many other sites offering the same product, the only thing that sets you apart is YOU!  Use YOU your advantage.  Right now you are just another a sales pitch for Tamanu Oil up against hundreds of thousands of other pages.     


    => Your Skin Care Tips, while it may include Tamanu Oil, should actually be skin care tips and not such an obvious pitch for your product.  And the photo on the bottom half is the wrong size for that space and blurry -- so replace that. Maybe use the Blog feature as a way to add short and sweet skin care tips every other day.   New content keeps visitors (and search engines) interested in your site.


    => On all your pages, break up those large paragraphs.  Go with 2-3 sentences per paragraph.  Makes all that easier to read.


    => Be more active and show your unique personality on Social Media.  Check the Instagram link (?) and replace with the correct URL or remove.


    That should be enough to get your started!  Feel free to come back with any follow-ups...  HTH! Smiley Wink


    "I failed my way to success." ~Thomas Edison

    Re: New Site Looking for Advice

    Ok. Thank you very much. I took my products off sale last night - I thought it would just show the regular price.   In regards to the Google Search Console, I had a look at that and it requires a sitemap. I thought it was already been done via my Go Daddy site. Thank you for the recommendations about my site content

    Tracey Carlon

    Re: New Site Looking for Advice

    nice design and you can align the tagline and images also and there is lots of blank space in your responsive mobile version