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    web developer template

    I have free developer temples and I design my business site .

    My Business is Travel and Tour .  online product  tab not suitable for My Products . I try to include My Tour Itinerary on Product but I couldn't . 

    can you help me how i includes perfect detail  Itinerary  for my tour Products . 

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    Super User I



    It's difficult to answer your questions without knowing...


    • What platform is your website on (GoDaddy W&M, WordPress, other)?
    • Each template is different.  Depending on platform, that dictates what is required to modify or even if modification is easily possible. 
    • What steps you took that didn't work.
    • A URL to view your site.

    If you can provide more details maybe someone here can help further.  😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    @Muse Travel and tour  . I need detailed itenerary tab or web  editing .

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