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Someone Is Using My Domain



I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to renew my domain name, domain transfers etc.  I recently thought I transfered my domain, but I haven't.  I've paid to do this.  In this process somehow someone else is using my domain name, which according to the whois data base was registered to a totally different name and details from me (someone in Indiana, USA) on the same day I set up my new account with a different host. 


Does anyone know how/why this has happened?  Do they now own it?  Can I stop them using my old domain name?  Can I get it back with no charge?



Community Manager

Hi @nothappy2018. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


It's really hard to say for sure what is happening in your situation, especially without knowing the domain name in question. There are a number of scenarios that could explain what's happening. If a domain is transferred to another party at a different registrar, it can be very difficult to recover. The first thing I'd suggest is getting in touch with your domain name registrar to find out exactly what happened to the domain. If the domain was registered with GoDaddy, one of our customer care representatives should be able to review your account and explain anything that's happened with the domain registration. 


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